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Readymechs are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time.


Series 002

Dodecaheathenby Fwis • download pdf

Furrybirdby Rexbox • download pdf

Eggertssonby Siggi Eggertsson • download pdf

Spywalrusby Rexbox • download pdf

Droby Dro • download pdf

Pinkby Jules • download pdf

CMCby CMC • download pdf

R. Muttby Fwis • download pdf

Jedby Jules • download pdf

Thunder Eaterby Fwis • download pdf

Tentaclopseby Fwis • download pdf

Coxby Ryan Cox • download pdf

Headhunterby Fwis • download pdf

Ripseyby Ripsey • download pdf

Series 001

Brainsuckerby Fwis • download pdf

Rexboxby Rexbox • download pdf

Skeletronby Fwis • download pdf

AstroJulieby Julie West • download pdf

Pal 9000by Fwis • download pdf

Papercut of Deathby Fwis • download pdf

Preshaa the Fondlerby Preshaa • download pdf

UK Johnnyby Fwis • download pdf
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